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Dedicated to producing technological equipment that is highly effective, safe, and reduces any pain or discomfort, we introduce the Sheerwave® IPL 360. A state-of-the-art IPL machine perfect for beauty practices, spas, medical practices and salons.


It is the safest IPL available on the market.


It is the fastest IPL device (up to 0.5 flashes/sec.).


It is the only IPL device with an innovative technology offering effective and painless treatments.

Unique hand pieces

Unique hand pieces designed for better results and for preventing burns.

Larger spot size

Larger spot size compared to other lasers or IPL.

Visible results

Visible results are seen after only ONE treatment in skin rejuvenation, telangiestasia, hyperpigmentation and hair removal compared to other devices on the market.

450,000 flashes

250,000 flashes with universal hand piece, 200,000 flashes with facial hand piece.

No maintenance

No maintenance required.

Sheerwave® IPL 360

Technical specs

  • Max Output:22 J/cm2 – 31 J/cm2
  • Lamp Life Span (Universal):Min. 300 000 pulses
  • Wavelength (Universal):590-1100nm
  • Lamp Life Span (Facial):Min. 200 000 pulses
  • Wavelength (Facial):420-900nm
  • Power:220-230V (-5V/+10V) 50/60Hz 100-120V (-5V/+10V) 50/60Hz
  • Spot Size (Universal): 15 x 50mm
  • Max Power:600 VAC
  • Spot Size (Facial):15 x 30mm
  • Dimensions:17.3 x 17.7 x 39.4 in
  • Flash Rate:Every 0.5 – 2 seconds
  • Weight:42 kg
The fastest device on the market with the latest IPL technology


An innovative device of a remarkable efficiency with an exceptional price/quality ratio. Latest and safest technology available today. User-friendly device equipped with two hand pieces allowing to perform a wide range of treatments. Requires no additional hand pieces. International safety and clinical approvals: FDA, CE-MDD, ISO-13485, ISO-9001, Health Canada and more.
Visible results


Permanent hair removal

Clinical studies have shown that although hair removal with lasers is highly effective as expected, treatment with IPL can cause less pain while showing efficacy equivalent to laser hair removals.

Photo-rejuvenation of the face

The demand for youthful skin is greater than ever. Today, with the help of light-based technology, patients are finally able to reclaim their youthful skin in a matter of minutes with no signs, no pain, safely and inexpensively.

Vascular and pigmentary applications

Light-based technology introduced an effective, safe, quick and easy method to achieve a clean-looking-skin. Pigmentation and vascular lesions can be treated by applying an intensive light energy.

Tattoo removal

IPL tattoo removal is considered the best way of removing a tattoo. Concentrated pulses of light act to break up all the ink particles within the tattoo into tiny components. These particles can then be absorbed naturally by your body. (Black ink only)

Sheerwave® IPL 360

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non-invasive new treatment that painlessly restores
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